We aim to enrich and support
the educational experience
of pupils at QEGS.

Head of Careers

Mr Dawson

Work Experience Manager

Mrs C. Brammer

The Careers Programme at QEGS aims to encourage a pupil to begin to develop skills which will enable them to assess, investigate, analyse and understand their abilities, potential and interests. The Careers Department aims to give objective and impartial advice and welcomes enquiries from both pupils and parents alike.

Typical queries centre on:

  • How to choose the right course and university

  • Advice and help with work experience, taster days, workshops and open days

  • Personal statements

  • Year 9 / Year 11 Options

  • Vocational Courses

  • Gap Years

  • Volunteering

Need an Appointment? Please contact Mr Dawson to arrange an appointment. Just email or drop in.

Tools of the
Trade to Help You


A careers matching and information programme which helps young people plan their future.

School Library

This is home to a variety of careers books and leaflets. Ask the librarian where you can find them.

Sixth Form Library S6

Here you can access hundreds of university prospectuses, careers guides, UCAS information, journals and many other careers related material.

Useful websites

Work Experience

Work Experience is the chance to experience the world of work. It is an invaluable part of the personal and social education offered at QEGS. All pupils currently have the opportunity to undertake one week’s work experience during Key Stage Four. Equally, some Year 12’s are able to obtain work experience during term time dependent on their timetable and the nature of the work.
There can be some restrictions on where students are able to go and on what they can do. Not all employers are able to offer work experience, and those that do have to comply with strict health and safety regulations, being able to provide evidence of public liability insurance is just one example. How can it help you?
A work placement is your opportunity to spend a period of time outside the classroom, learning about a particular job or area of work. During your placement, you’ll be able to find out what skills employers look for when they are hiring someone to fill a job vacancy.
You will also get the chance to develop your self-confidence and communication skills. This will help you to work better with other people in further or higher education, as well as in your future career.

Year 11 Options

After Year 11, you have a lot more choice about what you want to do. Whichever route you choose, it pays to keep learning. More and more, employers are looking for people with higher level skills and qualifications. Link to QEGS 6th Form Website You may have learned a bit about yourself through school. You will have more ideas about how you like to learn and what your favourite subjects are. You will continue to have opportunities to build on your strengths and skills.
Ask yourself:
Why do I want to take this course or job?
Why would I be suited to it?
What are my strengths and skills?
What can I offer?
What does this option offer me?
Where will it lead?