How to choose a University

Choosing a university isn’t easy. There are over 150 institutions to pick from and all of them offer different experiences, different subjects and different courses. Picking between them, with only a vague idea as to what it might be like, is a real challenge.

They key questions to ask yourself are:
  • What does the course entail?
  • Location? For example, city or campus university
  • Do you want to be close to home or friends?
  • How affordable are the living costs?
  • What is the quality of teaching and facilities?
  • What is your employability like post degree?
Perhaps before embarking on any these questions though, you first need to ask yourself why you want to go to university. Be sure that your reasons justify the £9000+ a year fees that university education now requires.
Support in making your decision
  • Utilise websites and prospectuses in order to compare different universities and match them to your requirements. Hard copies of prospectuses are available in the sixth form common room.
  • At QEGS you have the opportunity to visit both Oxford and Cambridge. We also run a trip to Newcastle and Northumbria Universities. In addition to this, students are permitted to attend 3 further open days within school time. Visiting your potential university is often the best way to decide if a university is right for you.
QEGS invites a number of universities to come and give talks to our students during our assembly programme. For example, Dundee, Newcastle and Leeds. We also regularly have admissions officers from Oxford and Cambridge who visit the school and talk to students