Chronology of Assessment

  • During the first two weeks of November, individual departments set tests to assess your level of progress. These may take the form of past exam papers. They are designed to indicate to you and your teachers whether or not you are coping with the demands of the syllabus. The results are analysed and pupil progress is assessed against target grades. Any student perceived to be struggling at this point will receive intervention and support from departments and Heads of Sixth Form.
  • Over the next two years, you will experience the following; internal tests in the November of Year 12, internal examinations in all subjects in May/June and external exams the following summer. There will be three assessment points in both Year 12 and Year 13 and progress will be recorded and communicated to parents.
  • Following the May/June exams in Year 12, departments will use this data and performances from throughout the year to make initial UCAS predictions for the beginning of September in Year 13.
  • Study leave will be arranged to commence in mid-May of Year 13. Books and resources should be returned to school after the last examination. The examination results are issued on the third Thursday of August. In final recognition of your excellent achievements, an awards evening will be held in the December/January following your departure from school.
Assessment and Examination Points
 Year 12
 Year 13
 November Tests
 October Progress Review
 February Progress Review
 January Progress Review
 May/June Summer Exams
 March Progress Review
 July Progress Review
 May/June exams