Drama and Theatre


Miss D S Coates – Head of Drama
Mrs S McWilliams

Department Overview

Drama thrives within the school. There are senior and junior drama clubs which run weekly. Pupils from the school have achieved places with the National and Regional Youth Theatres. There are annual productions within which it is possible for pupils to become fully involved in performing, set building, or lighting and sound. We run a drama festival during the Summer term which involves many pupils in Street Theatre performances.

Theatre Visits

Visits to high quality theatrical productions are a feature of the extra-curricular life of the school. At all levels, we encourage making the most of opportunities to visit the theatre as part of English and Drama Studies but also as a part of a wider education. In particular there is an A-Level theatre visit to London consisting of productions, lectures and backstage tours. We make every effort to take students to worthwhile productions of Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level set texts.
The Drama Department has exclusive use of the Drama Studio, situated on the first floor of the main school building. The Studio is equipped with lighting, sound and staging suitable for all practical work.
Adjoining the Studio is a reference room and resources area housing scripted texts, reference books, video and audio tapes, all widely used by the Advanced Level Theatre Studies students. A new addition to the department is the design and technical studio, now situated below the school canteen. This offers facilities for GCSE and A-Level students to create model sets, masks and properties as well as sound recordings.
All students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular drama. The annual school production involves most year groups and there is a great demand from students to be part of the cast or back-stage crew. This year we will have a Christmas Variety Evening and Summer Street Theatre performances.
The Drama Department organises termly theatre visits and touring companies regularly perform within the school to year group audiences. Students have recently returned from London having watched three theatre productions and spoken to the designers, stage-crew and actors, as well as participating in back-stage tours.