Environmental Science

Mr T Chadwick

Mr J Douglas – Head of Earth Sciences

KS5 Environmental Science Overview 

Why study Environmental Science?
Environmental science courses are increasingly popular at universities and new legislation means that industry and the public sector are urgently seeking well-qualified graduates with a background in the subject.

What do I need to know or be able to do before taking this course?
The course focuses on the science of the environment. It is not a pure science although some universities do accept it as such. The underlying principles are rooted in scientific theory so a sound grasp of GCSE level science is essential.

Students must also be prepared to undertake additional reading. A reading list is available on the student shared area of the school intranet site. Some reading material is supplied in Year 12, but a more independent approach is needed in Year 13 to ensure that students can reach the top grades.

Features of the course:
This course examines how human activity affects the environment. How can these impacts be managed to limit the damage caused and to secure healthy surroundings for us and for future generations? These are increasingly urgent issues, relevant across a range of curriculum and policy areas.

Environmental science is a holistic subject with many interconnected systems and processes. A change to one process can affect many other processes over different spatial and temporal scales. Consideration of environmental issues and the conclusions reached are based on reliable evidence-based information and quantitative data. Students will develop an understanding of how human society relies upon natural systems for resources and life support systems. An understanding of these systems will be used to propose changes in society that would produce sustainable lifestyles.

Topics for study: The living environment
The physical environment
Energy resources
Biological resources
Research methods

Assessment summary: 2 x 3 hour written papers

Entry requirements: Level 6 in GCSE Biology

Exam Board: AQA

Subject lead contact details: Mr Douglas JDouglas@qegs.cumbria.sch.uk