Mrs N Ramsdale – Head of Mathematics
Mr S Conner – Second in Mathematics
Mr S Jones
Mr M March
Mr M Rosa
Mr M Atkinson
Mr M Wareham
Mr O Price-Jones


There are very few career routes that do not value a good mathematics qualification and many that demand A-Level mathematics.  We run the national Tenner Challenge competition annually to help students see how maths is used in business and encourage students to take part in the Cyber Challenge to see connections with coding.


Many pupils take part in the annual UK Mathematics Challenges and teams are regularly entered for regional and national Mathematics Competitions. Each year we send students to take part in the Royal Institution Masterclasses.
There is a Mathematics clinic held during one lunchtime each week, to provide extra support for any students experiencing difficulties or who have missed work through absence. In addition there is a lunch time problem solving session to support Year 11 with exam questions each week.
There is a weekly Mathematics puzzle which all pupils are encouraged to enter, and prizes are awarded to successful pupils.

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