Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Admissions

We are delighted that you are considering Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. Please find our admissions policies below which detail the admissions procedure. The menu below will direct you to application forms and important dates depending on the age of your child. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us on 01768 864621 to request a call from the admissions department.


Today we enter a six-week consultation regarding changes to the Admission Policy of our school.

QEGS is a selective school and is therefore responsible for managing our own admissions, which is based on academic ability, determined through our entrance test.  Previously the top ranked 160 children were awarded a place at the school regardless of location.

Going forward the change to the admissions policy will take into account other factors.  The most significant change is that this policy moves away from an admissions process purely dependent on ‘rank order’ which automatically gave the highest scoring children a place, and the introduction of a set of ‘oversubscription criteria.’

Children wishing to attend the school will still be required to pass the entrance test.  Children who pass the test will then be offered a place or placed on the waiting list, according to the following order:

1) Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan have an overriding priority before any other child.

2) 20% places (32 places) offered according to ability alone (i.e. the top 32 children by rank score)

The remaining places will be allocated according to the following criteria (in order):

Children in Local Authority Care or Previously in Local Authority Care

Children with a sibling currently in the school

Children who have been identified as receiving Pupil Premium (10 places)

Children of permanent members of staff

Children who live within catchment area (in priority according to aggregate rank score)

Children who live outside catchment area (in priority according to distance from the school)


Mr Marchant comments,

“As a highly academic and selective school, we have always sought to offer places to the most able students who apply for a place. However, we are also a community school, and we feel it is important that our Admissions Policy reflects this to offer greater priority for children in our catchment area, as well as our aspiration to promote social mobility and therefore prioritise children from disadvantaged backgrounds. QEGS has always welcomed children from beyond our designated catchment area and we expect that this will continue with the policy we are consulting on today”

We hope the revised admissions policy will be welcomed as a more inclusive and comprehensive admission process, that is fair for a wider cross section of the local community.

This consultation period will last for 6 weeks and commence on Thursday 3rd November 2022 and will close on Thursday 15th December 2022. The Governors will consider any comments received and will reach a decision about making any amendments so that the Admissions Policy for September 2024 entry can be published. Comments should be made in writing to Mrs S Denyer, Admissions Secretary at sdenyer@qegs.cumbria.sch.uk or by post to:

Mrs S Denyer, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Ullswater Road, Penrith, CA11 7EG

Please refer to the full policy below for details of how this is applied.


Appeals Procedure