The School Library

All students are welcome to use the Library and have full access to the facilities we offer throughout their time at school. New students are automatically registered as library members during their first week of starting school in September.

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday
8.30am – 6.00pm
8.30am – 4.30pm

The Library aims to:

  • Create a positive, welcoming and supportive environment where students can feel safe and valued
  • Enhance and support the quality of learning and teaching in all areas of the school curriculum
  • Help students develop their information skills to become confident and independent lifelong learners
  • Provide a wide range of Junior and Young Adult fiction to help support literacy development and promote reading for enjoyment wherever possible
  • Provide access to a range of resources at different levels in a variety of formats, including ICT
  • Provide space, resources and activities in response to students’ group and individual needs and requirements

Library Staff

Mrs Vicky Marshall (Librarian) – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Mrs Kimberley Lawson (Assistant Librarian) – Thursday, Friday
Ms Danielle Feetham (After School “Safe Place to Be” Supervisor) – Monday to Thursday

What can you use the library for?

The Library is a place where you can go for quiet and private study, particularly during lesson times.
It is a hub of activity during break and lunchtimes where you can choose to go to read a good book, do some private study, meet up with friends of all ages, play board games or relax quietly on the beanbags with a book or magazine.
The Library is supervised after school Monday to Thursday until 6pm when students may use it for private study, reading, computing or to participate in a range of organised club activities including film, craft, dressmaking, Warhammer, modelling and airfix clubs.


Borrowing books:


  • Everyone can borrow up to 3 books for 3 weeks at a time.
  • Bring the books you wish to borrow to the Library desk where a Librarian or Student Librarian will issue them for you.
  • The return date will be stamped on a label inside the front cover.
  • Please return your books to the blue Returns basket on the front of the Library desk – this is very important as they need to be removed from your account before going back on the shelves.
  • Reminders for overdue books are sent out via registers every month. There are no fines for late books but you may be asked to pay for any items that are lost, damaged or go missing.


Finding books:


  • Fiction books are shelved alphabetically by the Author’s surname
  • Information (non-fiction) books are numbered according to their subject area
  • You can search for the books you want on the Library’s computer catalogue or elibrary.
  • If you can’t find what you are looking for ask a Librarian or Student Librarian who are always happy to help.


Using the Computers:


  • There are currently 10 computers in the Library which students are welcome to use on a first-come- first-served basis.
  • Simply log in using your school account details.
  • They are for work-related use during the school day.
  • Games are allowed before and after school although priority will always be given to students who wish to do work during these times.
  • School rules regarding use of the computers apply in the Library as elsewhere


Printing and Photocopying:


  • Black and white printing for school work is available at no charge
  • There is a small charge for use of the photocopier
  • Please ask a Librarian or Student Librarian for help with either of these services


Play a game:


There are a number of board games available for use during break and lunchtimes, including Chess, Scrabble, Draughts, Monopoly, Go, Pentago, Cluedo and Connect 4.
Please ask at the desk if you would like to use one.


Join a Club:


Book Club is open to all and meets every Tuesday lunch time during the Autumn Term. We discuss lots of things book-related and enjoy activities and games in a fun and informal atmosphere.
During the Spring and Summer term we take part in Spellbinding, the local Cumbrian Book Award. If you love to read, review and talk about good new modern fiction, then this is definitely the club for you!
Creative Writing Club is currently run by a Sixth Form student on Thursday lunchtimes.
Chess Club is run by a very enthusiastic group of students on Monday lunchtimes.
Please ask Library staff if you would like to know more about the clubs that are on offer and also if you might be interested in being a member of the Student Librarian team.

What you need to know

  • Space is limited so please stow your coat and bags neatly under the shelves and take them with you when you leave.
  • Please do not bring food or drink into the Library
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum and respect others around you
  • Please leave the room tidy by re-shelving books and magazines, packing away board games and placing chairs neatly under the table
  • Make sure you check out any resources you want to borrow at the desk before you leave