Staff list

Mr D Marchant BA (Hons) NPQH
Deputy Headteacher
Mr R Dawson
Assistant Headteacher (Teaching & Learning)
Ms S Nohavicka
Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral)
Miss V Smith
Associate Assistant Headteacher (Timetable / Head of Year 7)
Mr M Rosa
Associate Assistant Headteacher  (Sixth Form / Head of Year 13)
Miss N Marshall
Head of Year 12
Mr A Lambert
Head of Year 11
Mr S Jones
Head of Year 10
Mrs R Wilson
Head of Year 9
Mr K Rinder
Head of Year 8
Miss L Wilson
Teaching Staff
Mr R Anderson, BEng
Mr M Atkinson, MSc, PGCE
Mr P Baines, BSc
Head of History
Mrs C Bent, BSc, PGCE
Chemistry/Y7 & Y8 Science Co-ordinator
Mr M R Brennan, BSc, PGCE
Mrs S Chadwick, MA, PGCE
Second in Modern Foreign Languages/French
Mr T Chadwick, BSc, PGCE
Environmental Studies
Mrs C Clay, MA, PGCE
Design and Technology/Art
Miss D S Coates, MA, PGCE
Head of Drama
Mrs E Cocker, BSc, PGCE
Mr S Conner, BSc, PGCE
Second in Mathematics
Mrs S C Cooke, BA, PGCE
Head of English
Mrs K J Davies, BA, PGCE
RE/Citizenship and PSHE Co-ordinator
Mr A Dawson, BSc, PGCE
Mr R Dawson, BA, QTS
PE/Design Technology
Mrs C Dawson, BA, PGCE
Mr J A Douglas, BSc, PGCE
Head of Earth Sciences
Mr M Ellis, BA, PGCE
Head of Computer Science/Geography
Mr M Fellows, BA, PGCE
Mr A J Field, BSc, PGCE
Computer Science/DT
Mr K Finlinson, BSc, PGCE
Mr A M Frost, MA, PGCE
Dr M R Gill, BSc, PhD
Mr O Gorman-Tysoe, BA, PGCE
Mr B Harnett, BSc, PGCE
Head of Biology
Dr S Ireland, MSc, PhD, PGCE
Head of  Science/Chemistry
Mr S A Jones, BSc,PGCE
Mrs K E Judge, BA, PGCE
Head of Politics and Economics
Mr M Judge, BA, PGCE
Miss S Lamb
Mr A Lambert, MA
Mr M March, BSc, PGCE
Miss N Marshall, BA, PGCE
Mr M Masci-Gore
Dr A G McConkey, BSc, PhD, PGCE
Mrs S Monkhouse, BEd
Technology (Food & Nutrition)
Mrs S Morris, BA, PGCE
Mr C Munro, BSc, PGCE
Mrs R Parker, MSc, BA, PGCE
Second in English
Mr O Price-Jones, BSc, PGCE
Miss R Price
Mr D Proctor, BA, PGCE
Head of RE
Mrs N Ramsdale, BSc, QTS
Head of Mathematics
Mrs L N Reid, BA, PGCE
Mr K Rinder, BA, PGCE
Mr E Rollinson, BSc
Mr M Rosa, MMath, PGCE
Mrs H E Sadowski, BA, PGCE
Head of Art/ECT & ITT Co-ordinator
Miss F Shirras, BA
Miss V R Smith, BA, PGCE
Mr S St John, BEng, PGCE
Head of Physics
Mrs J Stobart, BEd
Technology (Food & Nutrition)
Mrs S Swindlehurst, BSc, QTS
Second in Earth Sciences/Geology
Mrs J E Telford, MSc, PGCE
Mrs L Terry
Modern Foreign Languages/Student Council Coordinator/EQP Coordinator
Mrs R L Vowles, BSc, PGCE
Dr M Wareham, PhD
Mrs E J Wilkinson, BA, PGCE
Miss A L Wilson
Mrs D Wilson, BA, PGCE
Mr F Wilson, BDes, PGCE
Head of Technology
Mr J C Wilson, BA, PGCE
Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs R J Wilson, MSc, PGCE
Second in PE
Mrs L Winter, MEd
Mr A C Worth, BA, PGCE
Head of PE/Student Mentoring, Intervention Systems & Rewards
Administrative Staff
Mrs K Bacik, MSc
Cover Supervisor
Mrs C Brammer, BA
Cover Manager/Work Experience Co-ordinator
Miss D Briers
Cover Supervisor
Mrs S Denyer
Secretary to SLT/Admissions Secretary
Mrs H Robinson
Exams Officer
Mrs J Grindrod
Payroll Officer
Mrs B Kennedy
Headteacher’s PA
Mrs U Taylor
Administrator/SIMS Co-ordinator
Miss R McMann
Clerk to Governors
Ms G Chatterton
Sixth Form Guidance and Support Officer
Mrs R Rourke
Finance Manager
School Reception Staff
Miss G Combellack
Mrs T Fraser
Reprographics Technician/Relief Receptionist
Attendance and Support
Mrs A Culverwell
Attendance Officer
Miss S Armstrong, BA
Pastoral Support Officer
Mr N Henderson
Duty Pastoral Officer
School Library Staff
Mrs V Marshall,BA, MA
Mrs K Lawson, BSc
Assistant Librarian
Miss D Feetham, BSc
After School Club Supervisor
Technical Staff
Miss E L Anderson, BA
Art Technician/UQT – Art
Mr R Colosi, BSc
Network Manager
Mr I Mirfin
Senior IT Technician
Mrs KC Johnston, HLTA
PE Technician
Ms O Oladosu
Science Technician
Mrs Lesline Edwards
Food Technology Technician
Mr P Cannon
Design and Technology Technician
Miss E Pereira
Drama, Art and Marketing Technician
Mr C Munro, BSc, PGCE
Mrs L Hanson-Wilcox
Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Lockley
Learning Support Assistant
Ms M Williamson
Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Frith
Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Davidson
Learning Support Assistant
Site Staff
Mr M Woodhall
Site Manager
Mr C Atkinson
Cleaner/Site Assistance
Ms L Edwards
Catering Staff
Mr G Crawshaw
Catering Manager
Mrs D Robinson
Deputy Catering Manager
Ms O Aliieva
Catering Assistant
Mrs R Arora
Catering Assistant
Mrs T Bowman
Catering Assistant
Ms S Gabriskova
Catering Assistant
Miss A Massicks
Catering Assistant
Ms R Perrett
Catering Assistant
Midday Supervisors
Mr N Henderson
Senior Midday Supervisor
Miss D Feetham, BSc
Midday Supervisor
Miss P Leonat
Midday Supervisor