Welcome to Queen
Elizabeth Grammar
School Sixth Form

How does QEGS Sixth Form compare to Years 10 and 11?

What remains the same?

  • You must attend all registration periods.
  • You will still have taught lessons.
  • You still follow the structure of the school day.
  • The Games option system continues.
  • There will still be homework set, and deadlines to meet.
  • You will continue to be good ambassadors for the school and show due care and consideration for others.

What will change?

  • Unlike Years 10 and 11 where you had to study a large number of subjects, you have now chosen 3/4 academic subjects in which you have an interest and proven ability. Consequently, staff will be expecting a very enthusiastic and committed approach to work.
  • You are responsible for managing your time much more.
  • Year 12 is a stepping-stone between formal school and further study, probably at university, where you will be an independent learner. In the Sixth Form, you have to undertake background reading and study in support of your subjects.
  • We advise that you spend a minimum of two hours a day on private study.
  • You will find a different, more informal way of working with your teachers.  Hopefully, you will be in smaller teaching groups and this should encourage you to take responsibility for your learning, asking more questions and challenging ideas more openly.
  • School uniform has been replaced with a dress code. We expect you to dress smartly, as would be appropriate in any working environment. See the sixth form guide for details.
  • Privileges include freedom to leave the school site during free periods and at lunchtime.
Overall, the main aim is for you to establish an effective and productive work/life regime, so you can achieve the highest grades possible.