Statutory Information

From 1st September 2012 schools are legally required to provide certain resources and information on their websites. Much of this information is available within the website but it has also been compiled here for ease of access.
1) School name, Postal address and Telephone number:
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Penrith
Ullswater Road
CA11 7EG
General Office Enquiries
Telephone: (01768) 864621
Mr David Marchant – Headteacher
Mr Colin Munro – SENDCO
2) The school’s admission policy in full (including arrangements for selection, over subscription criteria and the application process) or information on where and how this information can be accessed via this links below: QEGS Admissions Code–2
Admissions Information
3) Information on where to access the school’s most recent Ofsted report: The school’s most recent ofsted can be found here: Ofsted Report
4) The school’s most recent KS4 results:
Latest Exam Results
5) Information on how to access the School Performance Tables on the DfE website: The School Performance Tables on the DfE website can be found here: DfE Performance Tables
6) The following information about the school curriculum:
a) For each academic year, the content of the curriculum followed for each subject and guidance on how to find additional information about the curriculum: Curriculum Information
b) For Key Stage 4, a list of the courses provided which lead to a GCSE qualification; and a list of other KS4 courses, and the qualifications they lead to.
Please refer to the curriculum section of the website: Curriculum Information
7) The measures determined by the headteacher under section 89 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 See here for the behaviour policy, anti-bullying policy: Policy Documents
8) The amount of the school’s allocation from the Pupil Premium (and Year 7 catch-up funding).
Please click here for full details of the Pupil Premium
9) Governors’ information and duties
The section on Governors gives information regarding roles, business and financial interests of our governors, as well as the structure and responsibilities of the governing body and committees.
10) The report prepared by the school under section 317(5) (a) of EA 1996 (duties of governing bodies in relation to special educational needs). These are included in the Policy Documents
11) Annual report and financial statements are available here: Audited Accounts
12) The school’s charging and remission policy: Charging and remissions policy
13) The school complaints procedure: Complaints Procedure
14) The school Remote Learning Policy, Hybrid Learning Plan and Approach to Remote Learning:
Remote Learning Policy, The Approach to Remote Learning, Hybrid Learning Plan
15) The school’s equalities policy: Equalities Policy
16) A statement of the school’s vision:
Aiming High
Students are encouraged to be independent, inquisitive learners and to explore ideas beyond and across their subject areas. A highly relevant, varied and challenging academic curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of our academically able student population. We passionately believe that the world our students will enter when they leave school will require them to be flexible and use their skills and expertise from a range of disciplines in order to be successful in their chosen career path.
Striving Beyond
We encourage students to be open-minded and engage critically with the world around them; educating them about both the opportunities and dangers that lie ahead of them. Students are offered a vast array of opportunities outside of the classroom; both curriculum linked and super- curricular. The opportunity to experience new places and cultures is an essential part of life at QEGS.
Achieving together
Since QEGS was founded in 1564, the school has always sought to be active in the community it so proudly serves. QEGS is also a community in itself, founded on mutual respect and personal responsibility. The student population work collaboratively alongside staff, to support each other and ensure each individual is able to be as successful as possible. Success is widely celebrated at QEGS whether it be academic, sporting, creative, cultural personal or collective.
Mr David Marchant – Headteacher 

Key Documents and Useful Resources