Year 7 Admissions

Thank you for considering Queen Elizabeth Grammar School for the next stage in your child’s education.

Pupils will be selected for a place at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School on the basis of their aptitude for the academic nature of the education offered at the school, such selection being by way of evidence of aptitude from the entrance test. All who are considering applying for a place at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School should fill in the school’s own entrance test application form and return it to Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. Please note that this does not replace the Local Authority online preference form (SA3) which must also be completed, otherwise a valid application will not have been made.
Please refer to the Admissions Policy for further information.
Please note that in the unlikely event of a candidate sitting the same test at more than one centre, the first result only will count.

September 2021 Entry

To register please use the following link, where you will be taken to a detailed instruction page. We advise you to carefully read these detailed instructions before you complete the online registration form. If you have any issues during the completion of the form, follow the instructions given.
Click below to register for the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School entrance test.
>>>Link to Year 7 Registration<<<
Year 5 School Tour Bookings
Our school tours will give you and your child the opportunity to experience Queen Elizabeth Grammar School on a normal day. You will have the opportunity to speak with our Senior Leadership Team, staff and students, and find out more about our admission process. Each tour will last no more than one hour.
To book a place on a school tour, please email by Friday 21st February 2020 with your preferred date and time.
When booking please let us know your child’s name, primary school, names of parents/guardians attending and a contact number.
Available dates and times:
Monday 24th February: 9:00am & 2:20pm
Tuesday 25th February: 9:00am & 2:20pm
Wednesday 26th February: 9:00am & 2:20pm
Thursday 27th February: 9:00am & 2:20pm
Friday 28th February: 9:00am & 2:20pm
Monday 2nd March: 9:00am & 2:20pm
Tuesday 3rd March: 9:00am & 2:20pm

Discovery Day Information

Information will be available after National Offer Day on 1 March 2020

New Student Information

Information will be available after National Offer Day on 1 March 2020